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Welcome to our web site.

Here you can learn more about tax planning, estate planning, financial planning and divorce mediation. (Please check out and subscribe to our newsletter Newsletter.) You can also learn about our firm and background and how to contact us.

Picking the right firm to help with your financial planning and legal issues can be challenging. You want a firm that has experience, knowledge, and innovative strategies (see Our Business Philosophy).

Our firm provides financial and legal advice, along with on-going implementation, to individuals to optimize their personal and business resources. Our client base includes executives of major corporations, entrepreneurs, private business owners, professionals, retired individuals and individuals with inherited wealth.

Financial planning:

is our analysis of your resources in light of your goals to recommend the appropriate cash management, income tax and estate planning strategies.


is our work with you to put these strategies to work to improve your finances.


is our work in preparing income tax returns, drafting estate plans, handling divorce mediation, negotiating and closing real estate transactions, negotiating business sales, and forming small businesses and private charitable foundations.

Our Network:

Our firm has access to a vast network of professionals, money managers, mortgage brokers, insurance professionals and other advisers. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality control over our work and to apply the most relevant and timely ideas and information.

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