If you help support others, you need life insurance and an estate plan – really

Purchasing adequate life insurance and doing your estate plan, meaning signing a will and creating a trust, are probably low on your list.


If you help support others, I hope you will rethink your priories. I will give you two good reasons that you should:

I saw the confusion and pain a wife had to address when she lost her husband, before he bought the life insurance he had promised to obtain, and had to help her kids adjust to the massive change of lifestyle as they sold their home and downsized because they could no longer afford what their dad, the chief income earner of their family, had provided them. If they had proceeds from his life insurance, they would have only been dealing with the grief of losing him.

I saw adult children deal with the probate process so they could be appointed administrators of their mom’s estate just to be able to access bank accounts, pay funeral expenses and then sell and distribute the remainder of her assets, making their own decisions in place of knowing what she would have wanted.

If you have not obtained life insurance to replace your earning power, which helps support your family, and if you have not executed a will, along with a trust, medical directive and other documents that may be appropriate, you are not just avoiding an inconvenient imposition on your time and the payment of premiums and fees, you are failing to properly think of the consequences of not acting and the impact that could have on your loved ones.

So please think again.

“Real financial planners”

Hoping that you agree that my firm qualifies for the term in the article, “Real Financial Planners” as in “the professionals by any title that you would send your mother to see about her money”, I am forwarding the article

As he says, it is hard for the “Secret Society” to get attention. I agree, as my practice is built on refers and no advertising or publicity.

So I ask for comments on the article and my firm

AND if you think of any one that could benefit from, as he says, “REAL professionals giving REAL advice that will make a REAL impact in people’s lives”, please tell me or ask them to call…..

Thank you,

Posted: by Carl Richards | Bio

09-11-09 | 2:25pm
Real Financial Advice

Carl Richards: REAL financial planners unite. The people need you.

A few months ago, I started talking about what I call the Secret Society of REAL Financial Planners. These are the professionals by any title that you would send your mother to see about her money.

You know, people you can trust.

It might seem trite or old fashion, but that is what the best in our industry do. They put the interests of their clients first. They care. They are honest. They act as if they are fiduciaries whether they are or not.

The reason that this Society is secret it that we never hear these stories. If all you know of our industry was what you saw on TV, then you would think we are either circus clowns or criminals.

It is time for this to change.

At this point, it will do no good to complain about the “unfair” coverage or argue publicly about terms like “fee-only” or “fiduciary.” What we need is more members of the Secret Society to get out and tell the story, and one by one, let people know that there are indeed REAL professionals giving REAL advice that will make a REAL impact in people’s lives.

Rise up Secret Society: These people need us!