Investing – socially responsible and going green

Going Green (this is a follow on to the SRI post earlier this year)

Going green – as we advise on socially conscious funds, investing “green” may not be the best solution; investing well and contributing charitably or politically to “green” causes may have a better impact on both your personal wealth and the environment

That being said, the attention surrounding Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and his new Nobel Prize, has resulted in a growing number of mutual funds and ETFs claiming to have green credentials. However, identifying the strongest investment options among this growing fund and ETF niche is a challenge as you may be surprised that not all green funds fit your needs.

There are some funds, and some stocks, that do well and others that do not. We are reviewing these to see what works well for investing.

A related comment comes from some mortgage work we do, as seen on the Marblehead Savings Bank webpage:

If all U.S. households received and paid their bills electronically, the country would:

Save 16.5 million trees each year, or the amount of lumber needed for 216,054 typical single family homes;

Reduce toxic air pollution by 3.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, akin to taking 355,015 cars off the road; and

Reduce by 1.6 billion pounds the solid waste generated in a year, equal to 56,000 fully loaded garbage trucks.

At our firm, we are doing what we can: filing tax returns electronically and saving files as PDFs rather than printing them.

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